Heart FM Commercial

This is a commercial that was originally produced in 2009 and shot on 16mm. In 2014 Heart FM wanted to jazz it up, introduce their new logo and re shoot all the Emma Bunton scenes, which is where I come in. I got my grubby paws on an Arri Alexa and with a bit of lighting magic, voila. Directed by Richard Mullane for WCRS Agency.

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A month travelling around Brazil filming all the action and colour for FIFA’s Official Film of the 2014 World Cup and all in spectacular 4K on my trusty Sony F55.

Taken from my diary postings on my Facebook page.

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Red Epic Drone Aerials of the Isle of Wight – Behind the Scenes

Another fantastic job for the America’s Cup official film. This time spending three days driving around the Isle of Wight filming 4K on the Red Epic. Oh and we had a go at the latest craze: filming aerials with a drone.

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34th America’s Cup

Early in 2013 my company, Red Earth Studio, was asked by Skydance Productions and Mt Philo Films in the USA to supply crew and kit for the official America’s Cup film. Filming would take place over six weeks in San Fransisco and additional pickup shoots in New Zealand and the Isle of Wight.

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Cuban Soul

Of the many mysteries swirling around Cuba, there’s one that has captured the imagination of cubaphiles, auto- enthusiasts, and dreamers: “What happened to Ernest Hemingway’s car?”

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Early sunrises, dreamy sunsets, floating fish markets, canoeing through mysterious inlets, wandering the streets of Saigon, flying north to Hoi An, early morning with fishermen, rice fields, lovely hotels, deserted beaches, gorgeous food, friendly faces, lovely people. All of this whilst having to film a web advert for the new Sony Cybershot camera with a great crew from HMX Media.

I love this country.


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An Unexpected Morning in a Buddhist monastery in Burma

Of all the mornings in my intense three week trip, this had to be the worst one I had woken up to.
A hard night’s sleep compounded by some dodgy food from the night before meant I was not in the best frame of mind for any filming.

I was shooting a documentary about a man’s search for buried WWII spitfires by Rangoon airport in Burma for Room 608, a production company from New York.

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The mystery of the buried Spitfires

This is one great documentary I am really proud to have been a part of. A man’s search for the legend of the mysterious buried Spitfires under Rangoon airport in Burma. Produced by New York production company Room 608, the film has been over a year in the making, shooting in the UK and in the beautiful country of Burma.

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The Bajau Sea Gypsies of Borneo

The shoot will see us flying to Borneo and filming Orang-U-Tangs and the Bajau Sea Gypsies…Did you see David Attenborough’s Planet Earth?…You know the one where the guy is fishing underwater, with a spear, holding his breath for ten minutes? And they all live on houses on stilts in the sea. Check it out on Youtube…Yes, that one. Are you available?

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ASHI OTO (Footsteps)

Set in Japan and England. A girl and a boy drift out of love. A collaboration with Japanese spoken word artist Kaori Yoshikawa.

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Oil rigs and American dreams

What happens to a dying town when it discovers oil? Welcome to Columbus, North Dakota, a tiny prairie town with a shrinking population in the low 100’s.

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Oil & Water

We had filmed some lovely stuff with Bob, a truck driver hauling water in the oil fields of North Dakota for a feature doco called “Columbus, Oil Rigs and American Dreams” but unfortunately when it came to the edit, he made the cutting room floor and it was such a shame to see his contribution, his time and effort to us go to waste.

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Blood Ivory

The walkie talkie crackled to life. An alarmed voice came through calling for Douglas Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephant Foundation in Samburu National Park in North Kenya. “They’ve killed Hope!! They’ve killed Hope!!!”

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Filming Undercover in Tibet

Armed with small cameras we ventured into the unknown. The Autonomous Region of Tibet.

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Have You Heard?

Another test on the Canon 5D when it first came out. I met up with spoken word artist and the man behind Chill Pill, Raymond Antrobus.

It was performed at Soho Theatre in Dean Street after a Chill Pill event.


A quick video test on the Canon 5D when it was first released.

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Vet Adventures

Eight months filming Dorset vet Luke Gamble as he travels the world treating animals in need. Visiting countries as diverse as Zambia, Peru, Nepal, Costa Rica and Uganda, the series sees Luke do his best to treat any species of animal that needs help, both domestic and wild, in places where they have no one else to turn to and challenging his skills to the limit.

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33rd America’s Cup – Valencia

We were asked by mega film production company Skydance Productions from Los Angeles to crew up their official film following Larry Ellison’s BMW Oracle Team compete in the 33rd edition of the America’s Cup in Valencia, Spain.

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Sky Rainforest Rescue 3D – Behind the Scenes

When Sky asked my company Red Earth Studio to produce a short five to twelve minute 3D film in the Amazon for their Rainforest Rescue campaign, I knew we were in for a challenge.

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