Armed with small cameras we ventured into the unknown. The Autonomous Region of Tibet.

Part of a four part series following the Environmental Investigation Agency as they exposed the traffic in the illegal tiger skin and bone trade between India, Nepal, Tibet and China.

The investigation began in and Lanzhou and Xining in the very heart of China. We came across shops openly selling wildlife products. Snow leopard, leopards, ivory and all sorts were on display. Tiger skin was harder to come by and required the EIA sending in their local undercover operatives with hidden comers in their clothes, hand bags to prise information as to how much and whom to purchase tiger skin from.

The investigation led us in to Lhasa, the capital of the Autonomous Region of Tibet. The city was under strict Chinese control, Chinese soldiers and police presence was everywhere, it was a period of high alert, which meant operating under cover would incur severe penalties should we be caught.

Due diligence was taken every time we pulled the camera out to film. If we felt it to be safe, we would use our Sony EX1, otherwise most of the filming in public places was done on small “touristy” handy cams.